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Our Story

From tech blog to whole home tech support

As the creators of the popular Smart Home Starter blog, we saw a need for more efficient and personalized home tech solutions beyond the content we offer. That's why we partnered with to launch Tech Supportal, a 24/7 multi-channel tech support service for busy households.
3,500+ tech articles
Smart Home Starter is committed to equipping users with the knowledge to solve their own tech issues.
15M+ people helped
Since launched, we've helped millions of people get the most out of their home technology.
#1 tech support partner
We partnered with to offer best-in-class home tech support to anyone who needs an extra hand.

Our Mission

At Tech Supportal, we are committed to supporting any issue, any device, any time. Our members can rest easy knowing we're working around the clock to keep their home technology working right.
Tech Supportal
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