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Live Chat

Chat with an expert online for quick and easy support on the go.

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Phone Support

We're on call 24/7 to help you with your smart home tech needs.

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Virtual House Calls

We can set up a video call to troubleshoot and solve your tech issues.

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Whether it's a recommendation for a specific device or support for a home theater system you never should have purchased, we are happy to help solve any issue.

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Spend your time focused on what really matters and leave the tech support to us.

What Members Say About Tech Supportal

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Kim McCall
St. Petersburg, FL
Althier is my hero. Knowledge impeccable, professional, thorough, patient, an incredible representative of, My compliments to whoever was smart enough to hire and keep her!
Headshot of middle aged woman smiling
Becky Kelly
Rochester, NY
Without doubt, Harsha is the best technical support specialist I have ever encountered!! He should be rewarded for his efforts to the greatest degree your company can give. I am so grateful for his being part of your company. I have been with several companies and no one is as capable, efficient, articulate and just plain eager to help. Thank you so much for your help, Harsha!! I have been a math professor for 45 years and Math department chair. I wish that they were as capable in teaching as Harsha was in describing to me all that he did and what he had hoped for.
Headshot of middle aged man smiling
Trevor Thompson
Austin, TX
She helped me get new Outlook 365 working properly. she helped me discover that my address book is finally intact after the import. She helped with Pin and thumb print security. She was simply amazing! She was kind and courteous and very patient. She is one of the best techs I have ever had! She should be a trainer!

Install smart home devices

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We can help you install doorbell and camera systems, thermostats and much more.

Troubleshoot connection issues

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If one of your smart devices goes offline, we’ll work with you to get it reconnected.

Set up a voice assistant

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Our experts can get your house talking to you, so you can give it hands-free instructions.

Design your smart home experience

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We’ll cut through the noise and help you find the right smart home products for you.

Fix picture and audio problems

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From fuzzy images to poor audio, we can pinpoint the issue and guide you to a solution.

Access your favorite channels

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Our experts can address issues with missing, unavailable or untunable channels.

Enjoy support for DVR and On Demand

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If issues arise with any of your services, we can help you navigate customer support.

Get help with remote and receiver issues

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We’ll troubleshoot any hardware problems that come up, and get you up and running fast.